Roadmap If you have a good idea for other data sources like additional subreddits, i will gladly implement them.

data mining
- search in twitter for specific people/organisations that are interesting for coins (like Elon Musk for bitcoin and dogecoin)
data analyses:
- improve 'fame' algorithm to weight diffent data sources, because at the moment twitter data dwarfes reddit
- make the timeframe in the coin data diagramm adjustable
- enable marking 'favorite' coins th easier keep track of them
- add feature to create custom notifications if marked coins change rapidly or reach a certain threshhold

data mining
- Telegram Groups
- Discord Chats

- Google result count. While it is a very good information, google blocks the scraping unless its payed, which is adding up fast.

- getting data every 2 hours about the top 5000 coins
- Reddit
- searching different subreddits for mentioning of every coin in the database
- Twitter
- searching for tweets with different keywords like 'crypto* or *moonshot* and than searching for mentions of coins in these